The Food

As our name suggests we are a tiny bit ‘curious‘ on many fronts and to prove it, we have created a rather quirky take on a cold served ‘Cotswold Tapas’ menu made up of many Curiously British Classics. These award winning handmade savoury snacks are lovingly hand-made by two local independent companies. We hope you enjoy them.

Pork and Seville Orange Marmalade Sausage Roll
Tender pork sausage meat combined with tangy Seville Orange Marmalade wrapped in crispy pastry.

Sweet Potato, Kale and Goats Cheese Roll
Roasted sweet potato with seasonal kale mixed with creamy goats cheese.

Beef, Carrot and Horseradish Roll
Organic minced local beef with carrot cut through mixed with a touch of tangy horseradish cream.

Pork and Westcombe Cheddar Roll
The best traditionally made cheddar from Westcombe Dairy in Somerset with classic minced pork.

Spinach, Egg, Nutmeg and Potato Roll
A meat-free recipe combining spinach, boiled egg, nutmeg and mashed potato.

Pork and Smoked Chilli Sausage Roll
Traditional tender pork sausage meat with a warm, sweet chipotle heat that creeps up on you.

Classic Pork and Sage Sausage Roll
The absolute classic tender pork sausage meat combined with traditional sage seasoning.

Chicken and Mushroom Sausage Roll
A new classic we think, and quietly our favourite. Tasty chicken mince mixed with chopped mushrooms.

Traditional Scotch Egg
A traditional pork scotch egg

Chorizo Scotch Egg on the traditional pork scotch egg flavoured with chunks of dry cured chorizo

Black Pudding Scotch Egg
A northern twist has been applied to this scotch egg by adding traditional grated rich Black Pudding

Traditional Mini Pork Pie
A traditional individual pork pie

We are also working in collaboration with The Takeaway      Just order and a member of staff will deliver your choice to your table.

And, of course, we’ll help you pick the perfect wine or beer to go with it