The Food

Although we are not a restaurant, we serve delicious and substantial eats to complement our extensive collection of wines and barista coffees. Do ask our knowledgeable staff for advice on the best pairings of food and drink.

We pride ourselves on serving fresh, great-tasting local produce from local companies as far as possible, which means many items are subject to availability. We also try to use small family firms to bake and supply all our delicious savouries, cakes and treats, including gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options.



To whet your appetite, why not scroll through our All Day Breakfast, Curious Cotswold ‘Tapas’ and Sides & Nibbles menus below?

Curious savouries with wine


We like to spice up your lives with food offerings from our exciting visiting chefs. Keep an eye out for the next pop-up date.

We’ll be on hand to suggest the perfect wine or beer to go with it.

Order in

We also have a friendly collaboration with The Takeaway. Just order from them and a member of staff will deliver your choice to your table.

And, of course, we’ll help you pick the perfect wine or beer to go with it.


The Curious Wine Cellar has a variety of seating choices in a convivial, bistro-style environment, including indoor and outdoor tables with chairs, indoor high barrels with bar stools and comfortable leather sofas with coffee tables. Please note, tables may not always be available for those who wish to order food, so do call if you wish to reserve a table.


If you have a food allergy, intolerance or a special dietary requirement, please speak to a member of the team when placing your order. Please be aware that food served here may contain or have come in contact with allergens.

Thank you.